The Prostate Cancer Outcomes  Registry – New Zealand (PCOR-NZ) is an initiative proudly funded by the Movember Foundation in partnership with CHOMNZ.

This project focuses on the collection and reporting of data from thousands of men across New Zealand to understand how men are doing throughout their prostate cancer journey.

The NZ arm of the registry feeds de-identified data into  a trans-tasman registry knowns as the Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry -Australia and New Zealand (PCOR-ANZ). The ANZ registry collects diagnosis, treatment and patient quality of information of men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. It has been developed by Monash University and is funded by the Movember Foundation.

Information for the registry is provided by the men involved, giving them a way for their experiences to help others living with prostate cancer. We collect  information from men across the country, with the aim to collect information from every patient, who have any form of treatment at any site throughout New Zealand. This information is then compared to patients throughout Australia and New Zealand, and links can be found between treatment choices and patient outcomes.

The Prostate Cancer Outcomes Registry– Australia and New Zealand aims to give a detailed understanding of what life is like for men with prostate cancer, which will enable research and implementation of clinical quality improvement projects that will to help improve their health outcomes.

By collaborating across such a large population the registry will provide a valuable resource to guide best clinical practice to enable that patients are receiving the highest quality of care. The information collected on participants will provide clinicians and hospitals with data that will ensure treatment decisions are made with patient outcomes in mind.

The PCOR-NZ registry would not be possible without the support of the Movember Foundation, the co-ordination of Monash University

Click here to learn more about the PCOR-ANZ project and to see which hospitals and private clinics are participating in NZ.

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